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The Ever-changing Wall

The Ever-changing Wall Part II - Vinyl

The original concept for the German Autohaus building has been successfully executed. It defined who the ARTree is. It promoted the ARTree. It partnered the ARTree with the community. Now it’s time to move on to the next image concept and its production.

The original adaptation of this mural project fulfilled The ARTree’s attempt to create news worthy events that brings our organization to the forefront as a leader in the arts in The Santa Clarita Valley.

Involving the teenagers and kids from The Newhall Community Center and the Boys and Girls Club from the area tugged at the hearts of those who read about us in the local papers. Producing such an immense task developed relationships within the community. And those who saw the mural, were intrigued by the underlying message. This is what The ARTree does . . . creating “Community Engagement Through The Arts.”

Joseph Jasik, the owner of The German Autohaus and an avid arts supporter, became more enthusiastic of his “blank canvas” donation when he experienced the production and when he saw the original finished mural. It is this enthusiasm from both Joseph and the community that inspire The ARTree to continue the mural’s young legacy.

The project united The ARTree with various organizations such as OTNA (Old Town Newhall Association), the Newhall Community Center, the Boys and Girls Club, and other supporters. Current and future unifications will hopefully include relationships with the any and all businesses in the underlying area, including Brighton Collectibles, Frontier Toyota, and Union Bank. As the mural’s ever-changing legacy continues, the project will become bigger and grander in its engaging community message.

The next concept, the message:

  • Visually showing the tools used by the children to create art is the next message.
  • Again, the faces of children will symbolize youthful intelligence, honesty, and beauty.

The Materials, and what was learned:

What we learned: The original murals (main mural on Railroad Avenue and side mural on German Autohaus’ property) were printed on paper. This was not an ideal medium for the mural’s life that we expected. The mural’s premature demise was driven by uncontrollable weather conditions. After research and professional connections, we have determined that commercial grade vinyl designed for mural and billboard use is more suitable for our application. Not only will the durability expectations exceed beyond the ARTree’s needs, the cost will be far less over an extended time if the mural had continued as paper-based medium. The life expectancy of vinyl is beyond 5 years. Overall height will be 12 feet, reduced from 16 feet. The lower 4 feet of the original mural was visually blocked by parked cars.

The Materials: Printed on single piece commercial grade display vinyl for murals and billboards.

  • Main mural is 90 feet by 12 feet
  • Side murals is 30 feet by 12 feet

People Involved:

Subjects - Newhall Community Center, Boy and Girls Club children.

Photographers - SCV Photography Center, and The Newhall Community center.

Printer - Large format printer designed exclusively for vinyl printing – Tom Wilhem, a friend of The ARTree and a principle of GP Color Imaging.

Installation - Robert Kirkwood: A prominent professional and an expert in installing large format displays.

Owner of building - Is requesting that the people photographed are interacting with the tools of the arts.

This new idea for the mural would serve several purposes:

  • Bring a continued attention to children of our future and make a statement about how important art is to The Santa Clarita Valley.
  • Bring a continued interest in and around The Santa Clarita Valley to the Newhall community.
  • The ARTree would continue making a statement about our commitment to the arts, community and its children.
  • Continually beautifying a blank wall that faces a road travelled by 40,000 commuters each day, including the Metro-link.
  • A continued pride for the local community, that this project is in their neighborhood.
  • This makes a caring statement about the area, that it is filled with families that care about their neighborhood.

With changes in Old Town Newhall, with the success of Art Slam, Senses, with the new library, it’s a continued opportunity to take advantage of the exciting positive changes. Every third Thursday of the month there is approximately 2,000 to 3,000 people coming into the area. It is also an opportunity for The ARTree to be a leader in the Santa Clarita Valley and make a statement about art and the joy it brings to the community and its children.

The Overall Vision continues: ever-changing.

It is an ever-changing wall that would continually bring people and attention to the area. In the future, this mural will always make a positive community message.

Multiple locations:

This idea has the potential to reach across all of The Santa Clarita Valley and bring an awareness to issues that only art can. It is both an outreach and mentor program that reaches far and wide and involves all of the community.