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Noel Bermudez

The ARTree Communications Chair

One of The ARTree’s most popular and unique activities has been The Great Shoe Project. Originally created for the Santa Clarita Art Walk, the innovative process takes an ordinary shoe – tennis, oxford, combat, sandal – and transforms it into an art statement. The type of footwear used is not as important as how inspired the metamorphosis is.
A ballet slipper can become a formal place setting, patent leather shoes can sprout flowers, and a tennis shoe can make a statement about the environment. The artists can wander down whatever creative path their mind (and shoe) takes them, limited only by their imagination.

The road to success can be strolled as a couple or caravanned with the entire family. Whether you take this trail alone or with friends, your shoe leads to creative vista that far exceeds the leather, rubber, and cloth of this common and ever-present piece of everyday attire.

Jeff Barber, City of Santa Clarita coordinator for Art Slam!, requested that The ARTree recreate this project for the April event, rebranded as “Green Slam” for this month’s theme of environmental awareness and repurposing  everyday items in  new and interesting ways.

Thursday’s event will once again feature local artists, food trucks, music, and hands-on creative activities.  Participation in the Great Shoe Project is free, with creative materials provided by The ARTree. You can bring your own shoe to decorate, or pick up one from those donated by ARTree patrons.

When your shoe is completed, you can either bring it home with a donation that supports arts education in Santa Clarita, or bid via silent auction on one of over a dozen “shoe projects”  done by artists from around Santa Clarita. Be fleet of feet and bring a shoe along with your creativity to Thursday, April 4th, Great Shoe Project at Art Slam.

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Art Walk December 2010 – The Shoe Project!

Gently used shoes were recycled into amazing works of art! Over 100 people joined us creating shoe art on this magical night, and over 100 pairs of shoes were donated to charity.


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