The ARTree Community Arts Center

Developing the Roots of Creativity

Mosaic Mural

The Tile Mosaic Mural, provided by a financial grant from the City of Santa Clarita to The ARTree, proved to be a wonderful community project. Hundreds of people of various ages came out to add tile to the mural, thus becoming a part of Santa Clarita history. The mural, located on the South Fork Trail off of Valencia Boulevard, can be found on the wall behind the Acura Dealership. The mural was designed by local artist, Shelly Mussenden. Her design, along with her impressive use of color, definitely brightens an otherwise boring concrete wall.


The ARTree wishes to thank all those from the community who added tile as well as Valencia Acura for allowing us storage and trail access. Additional thanks also goes out to Southern California Tile for their generosity in providing The ARTree with a substantial discount as well as some free tile.