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The Newhall Elementary Mural Project


The ARTree believes the arts can make a community stronger. That’s why we’ve partnered with Newhall Elementary, to design and facilitate construction on a mosaic mural. Grant funded by the City of Santa Clarita, the mural will depict important events in local history. The school’s 3rd graders get a chance to deepen their History studies, and to work on a large-scale, permanent piece of art. No doubt, they will visit as they get older and proudly share that they helped make it!

Dianne Foderaro, Education Chair at the ARTree, visited the school in February to share histories of the places included in the project. Images of a historic wood structured Newhall Elementary, the railroad, Hart mansion, an early jail that stands near the Old Town Newhall Library, and Magic Mountain are just a few of the landmarks depicted.

Be a Part of It!

Third graders at Newhall Elementary will be working on the mural Friday, April 14th. Members of the community will be invited to complete the mural, which will hang in the space where the original front doors of the school once stood (facing Walnut St.), on Saturday, April 15th.

To volunteer, please call 661-673-7500 or email


Image map for tile mural

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