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The ARTree celebrates Earth Day at Central Park for a day of fun and excitement as ARTree volunteers help attendees create mobiles out of tree branches.

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Imagination and Knowledge

Noel Bermudez

The ARTree Communications Chair

You have probably heard it said that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. However, for those of us who have been on hikes, long bike rides, or the requisite summer road trip, the straight line journey can sacrifice discovery, amazement, and just plain fun.

Our learning works in a similar way. The direct route to knowledge – whether in math, language, or art – is not always the best way to either excite our creativity or inspire imagination. It is our imagination that may be the best resource for developing our intelligence. In fact, imagination may contribute more to our intelligence than we give it credit for. Albert Einstein said that “imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world.” Also, imagination provides the spark for creativity.

I see creativity as the ultimate goal of education, and arts education, in all its forms and variety, is an incubator for imagination. Imagination is also a catalyst for problem solving. Climate change, energy supplies, food distribution and sustainable growth are all big problems that certainly need creative solutions. But there are more personal, closer-to-home issues that imagination and creativity can help with. What kind of public art do we want in Santa Clarita, and how do we pay for it? Can we bring more educational options into our schools, such as hands-on vocational training and shop classes, including arts education? How will we make Santa Clarita the best it can be for our growing and diverse population? The answers are surely out there, but it will take creativity and imagination to discover them.

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This article will be featured in Santa Clarita Magazine in April