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Developing the Roots of Creativity

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ARTree: Developing the Roots of Creativity

Jeudi Cornejo Brealey


A new year can be energizing, tantalizing and daunting. It’s marked with resolutions to achieve a goal, obtain a desire, cross something off a bucket list, or refocus on developing relationships with friends and family. Art can be an ideal means of deepening this bond.

My family is one of close-knit multidisciplinary artists. When we examine the previous year’s highs and lows, plus our hopes and desires for the future, it’s in the context of living artistically. There are museums to visit, shows to see, places to explore, and new experiences to share. We plant these artistic seeds for the year. That’s our parental secret to finding the time for our art practice and family: integrating the arts into our daily life. It can sometimes be messy, frustrating and slow, but that’s the choice we made.

Our family just revisited the Sequoia trees in Yosemite. It was a good reminder to see that the seeds for these mighty giants came from pinecones the size of a child’s hand. Artists feel compelled to create, and feel like failures when they don’t. We need to remind ourselves that great things come from small seeds.

After the holidays, the winter months are a welcome haven. Our garden reminds me that during this seemingly fallow season, the plants’ growth has moved to the roots. It is a good lesson, because although roots may not be as showy as the flowers of spring, they ensure the healthy growth of the plant. Likewise, every healthy creative endeavor requires a gestation period.

While I’m digging in the garden, my subconscious wanders freely, growing new ideas just like roots. Later these imaginative thoughts can be married with action to bring about its fruition. But for now, just like The ARTree says, it’s all about “developing the roots of creativity” for myself and my family.

Four Ways to Enjoy ARTree in the New Year


Know a child who would like to attend one of our 6-week classes? Check out the City of Santa Clarita’s Seasons magazine, and look in the index for ARTree.


We’re looking for volunteers for short or long-term projects. Volunteering can be as simple as assisting children in a 90-minute art class or helping out at one of our many community events. All are welcome!

Contact Eileen, our volunteer coordinator, at (661) 733-2410 or email us for details!


Want to be inspired by fellow champions of the arts? We host a monthly Guest Speaker Series. Follow us on Facebook (search: The ARTree, and give us a “like”) to get details on who, when and where in 2015.

Money is the easiest way to offer your support. ARTree is a 501(c)(3) organization. Our website:, has an easy-to-use Paypal button to make a contribution. Thank you for your consideration.