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Artful Plans for an Active City

Noel Bermudez

The ARTree Communications Chair

Santa Clarita has lots of activities for young people. Parks abound in paseo-wrapped neighborhoods. Complexes like Central Park and the Aquatic Center offer running tracks, soccer fields, and pools. That’s just the athletic side. Kids who want to perform or draw (and that includes these athletes) have dance and theater troupes, youth orchestras, and, of course, visual arts activities that include drawing, painting and photography. And, supporting artistic activities in this Valley is the city’s Arts Commission.

Five local residents give hours of time, bring intellectual curiosity, and use a tremendous amount of shoe leather to discuss and participate in our Valley’s art. These commissioners serve at the appointment of the City Council, but work for the benefit of all. If you care about art, you need to go to the Arts Commission meetings.

Why? The City Council recently approved a study to develop an Arts Master Plan. This plan will be a roadmap for public art that includes arts funding, facilities and activities. That is why, if you care about plays, orchestras, murals, concerts, ballets, art classes, museums, performance spaces, or anything that falls under that big arts umbrella, you need to begin attending the Santa Clarita Arts Commission monthly meetings.

You have heard it said that you can’t get if you don’t ask. So ask! Go to the Arts Commission meetings, on the second Thursday of each month, 6:30pm at the City Council Chambers at City Hall. Not only does the Commission need to see you there, they WANT to see you there. The Arts Master Plan will determine how the city will support the arts for years to come. Be part of the conversation and let your voice be heard. You can bet that The ARTree will be there.