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Embracing our Differences

A few days ago my son invited me to go to a movie with him, we were both in a playful mood and were razzing each other about different things. Although we are similar, he’s “hipper” than I am, as he makes clear by his funny comments about how I dress.

I keep telling him I dress age-appropriate, as I’m usually in jeans and a simple shirt. Sometimes, I wear hand-me-downs from his closet, and of course, a hat to cover my bald spot. He dresses in layers of clothes, with scarves, vests, jackets, cool hats and usually the latest shoes.Yes, he’s a metro kind of guy!

As we start our way to the theatre, I begin scuffling around for an old movie pass that I had from months ago. I finally found it deep in my back pocket, and it’s worn out, with print that is almost unreadable.

He looked at me and the movie pass, saw the long line at the theatre, and said, “Don’t worry Dad, I got it”. I said “We’re going to miss the beginning of the movie.” Then he got out his iPhone, paid for the movie on this device, had it scanned by the ticket taker  and voala, done! I looked at him with my mouth wide-open. He laughs, and says, “It’s the latest app, Dad.”

My son also asked me to sneak some snacks into the theater (as many people do) and, to put them in my jacket pocket. Of course, I did exactly as he asked.

We entered the theatre and sat in our comfortable high back chairs I got out my humble discount water from Ralphs and potato chips, he got out a package of a seaweed snack, and a square bottle of Fiji water that must have cost double of mine.

I use my seat’s round cup holder with no problem, but his square bottle would not fit in the round cup holder. “There’s a price to pay for trying to be too hip,” I told him.  We laughed and enjoyed the movie, agreeing that it was a good film. So much for our differences.

I related all that to say this. We live in a world that is filled with diversity, the hip and the not so hip, the shy and the popular in school.

The ARTree understands and embraces the differences in all of us, including those that that may be outcast in school, but flourish in the arts.

These students that may not always fit in, but should be encouraged to be themselves and to reach beyond their potential with their talents. There is no limit to the human spirit.

Bob Hernandez


Community Arts Center


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