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Events — Art SLAM

The Art SLAM is a monthly activity that the ARTree participates in. It’s an effort by the artists and Old Town Newhall Association to revitalize the arts in Old Town Newhall. It’s also a way for The ARTree to reach out to the community by supplying much needed art activities for children of all ages.

Art SLAM is typically the first Thursday of each month. We usually meet on Main Street in Newhall, CA. Check the events calendar to find out when and where the next Art SLAM is!

Thursdays @ Newhall: ArtSLAM

ARTree is committed to this monthly event held on Main Street. Join instructors Suzanne Ulloa and Bob Hernandez on July 2nd, beginning at 6pm to create handmade bookmarks.

Also, look for Kay Kaminski, ARTree instructor, showing her latest work of photography at ArtSLAM on the same evening.

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ARTree Creates M&M Art At Chocolate Slam

Bob Hernandez designed a large tree depicting the stylized tree found in the ARTree logo for an M&M project for the Art Slam event held in downtown Newhall on October 3rd. The evening focused on chocolate as art as well as chocolate as a delicious treat. Bob and two others, Rae and Mia, along with the girls from Saugus High Rotary Club, assisted participants in gluing M&Ms onto the large foam core background. Everyone was given a small cup of M&Ms in the color of their choice to be glued onto the tree. When finished gluing, each person was given a scoop of M&Ms for munching as well. The end result was this beautiful tree. Art Slam is held the first Thursday of each month from March through October.

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