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Guest Speaker Series: Margie Russomanno & Mark Gasbarro

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Gasbarro Russomano

Mark Gasbarro
Margie Russomanno
Composers, Musicians, Performers

How music is made

Sometimes Mark Gasbarro and Margie Russomanno work alone. Mark might be on the scoring stage playing for films like Jurassic World and Inside Out, and Margie would be writing lyrics for a commercial or TV series. They’re great alone, but together…they’re gems.

Maybe that’s why their collaboration is called EMERALDE, creating music with an ethereal and cinematic feel. For us, Mark and Margie will define their creative process, take us into the world of writing and arranging, and perform some of their inspiring music. What a melodic night this will be!

Thursday – March 24, 2016 – 6:30pm, at the Old Town Newhall Library


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