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Classes – Mural Painting the ARTree Logo

It started off as an effort for the youth at The Newhall Community Center to keep busy during the summer months and became a community beautification event, allowing the youth to express their creative potential & giving them pride by contributing to the community in a positive manner.

First came the presentation of the idea to the property owners Tim & Laurie Crissman… once it was approved we were off and running!

Here was the class syllabus:

Mural Painting The ARTree Logo

Mural Painting Class – A collaboration project between Newhall Community Center and The ARTree Community Arts Center for at-risk teens.


Through the creation of an art mural we will support, teach and encourage life skills such as goal setting, decision making and teamwork that the student will integrate into their lives as they develop into productive and responsible citizens.

Give a forum where students can explore visual art and express their creativity through the use of drawing, color, and painting.

Class description:

  • Lesson in the history of murals
  • Mural conceptualization
  • Presentation of mural concept
  • Painting techniques for mural
  • Painting the mural


Newhall Community Center – Warehouse building on 24219 Railroad Ave.

Dates: Wednesdays, 5 – 7:30 pm from June 16 – August 11

Number of Students: 15

Age Group: 14-18 years

Mural size: 97’ 5”L x14’ 3”H

Materials and Supplies:

3 gallons of primer, selected colors of water base house paint in gallons to be determined, plastic containers, paint rollers with extensions (3), blue masking tape (3 rolls), drop cloth (4) 10‘X20’ or larger.


  • Justin Hillermann (Youth Coordinator- Newhall Community Center)
  • Bob Hernandez (The ARTree Community Arts Center)

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Bob Hernandez

This project was quite a challenge, it kept us all busy during the summer.