The ARTree Community Arts Center

Developing the Roots of Creativity


The ARTree provides an “Arts Sampler” of classes to introduce our students to a variety of arts experiences. We weave the sampler of classes together through a common theme.

During each six-week class schedule we offer visual arts classes such as painting, origami, sculpture, and collage. Performing arts classes have included story telling, salsa and hip-hop dancing, rhythm instruments, and song writing. By offering such a variety of classes we are able to find an arts passion in every child who participates.

For dates and times of our current and upcoming classes, please check the calendar.

Fall Class Dates (2014)

September 11 Dianne and Michael will team up to begin our creative study of The Many Faces of Art, our theme for the fall class series. The class will include contour drawing and paper mache masks.

September 18 Kay will teach a lesson inspired by Edvard Munch's famous work, The Scream. Students will create Scream portraits using crayon resist and watercolors after enjoying a slideshow about the artist and his work.

September 25 Exploring Emotions, taught by Noel, will be a physical expression of facial emotions that will include helping students get in touch with the communication our faces share with others. Student expressions will be videotaped so that the kids can view the expressions they create.

October 2 Kay is back to teach, Colorful Collage, a portrait lesson that will include a focus on several collage artists. The hands-on art project will incorporate silhouettes of the students with many colorful images.

October 9 Elizabeth will explore the works of artist Paul Klee and create abstract self portraits in the style of his work using colored pastels and watercolor pencils.

October 16 In our final class in the six week series, Michael will focus on the works of Jean Dubuffet while exploring portraits using pen on paper.

Watch for the ARTree master class in watercolor techniques taught by Michael Powell in the next Seasons magazine. This six week class will be our winter session series.

Summer 2014 Classes

Our first Master’s Class, taught by Michael Powell, consisting of six weeks of watercolor classes, was a big success. The students really enjoyed learning new watercolor techniques each week. Michael will be back this winter for another six weeks of Master’s classes. Watch the Seasons magazine for updates.

Summer classes at the Newhall Community Center featured three-dimensional projects taught by a six different artists. The students fully embraced each activity. Everyone really enjoyed seeing all of the finished projects at the mini art show held on July 29th. Fall classes are listed in the new Seasons magazine. Classes in “The Many Faces of Art” series will begin on Thursday, September 11th and will continue for six weeks.

ARTree at Newhall Library

The ARTree, parents and children celebrated Valentines Day by creating marvelous HEART creations made out of pipe cleaners, foil and plaster.

The projects are usually kept at the library for decor, but in this case the children took them home for their loved ones.


ARTree paints Newhall Hardware Holiday Windows

The Holiday window painting class went very well. The children were fast learners and finished just in time to show the artwork to their parents after the class ended. It was in plain view for all Santa Clarita residents to see. If you get a chance, drive down Main Street in Newhall.