The ARTree Community Arts Center

Developing the Roots of Creativity


Ever since Bob Hernandez planted the ARTree in Santa Clarita it has continued to grow and enrich our community. The wonderful work of the Artists who engage our citizens both young and old to learn, to appreciate, and to create new art in our community is so important. We are better people when we harness the the power to create the beauty of art. The fruit of the ARTree is that it gives us the tools, the guidance, and the inspiration to make art a bigger part of our lives, and for this we are grateful.

TimBen Boydston
City of Santa Clarita

The Parks, Recreation and Community Services Dept. thanks the ARTree for their collaboration with the Newhall Community Center this past year. From the arts classes to the mural project with the POWER group, the ARTree brought not only an arts experience to youth at the Center, but mentorship as well. The mural project instilled community and cultural pride in the youth who participated and the artclasses gave youth an opportunity to participate in activities they may not have otherwise been able to experience. We look forward to a continued partnership and thank you for your outstanding dedication to the community.

Rick Gould
Director of Parks, Recreation and Community Services
City of Santa Clarita

ARTree is an exemplary effort, that is going to make living in the Valley richer not just for children but for all of us.

Steven Levine
California Institute of the Arts

First and foremost, I want to say thank you to everyone involved in the ARTree organization. You folks have made such an amazing contribution to the children who attend the City of Santa Clarita Community Center. Your enthusiasm, dedication and love for the arts, has touched the lives of the youth and inspired them not only to express themselves, but also to achieve goals, believe in themselves, and dream about the possibilities. I appreciate the endless hours you have spent planning, organizing, meeting, and finally making the classes possible. I wish you all the success in all the future endeavors the ARTree embarks on. You truly lit the spark of creativity!

Julie Calderon
Community Center Supervisor
City of Santa Clarita

Community Center
22421 Market Street
Santa Clarita, CA 91321

ARTree’s involvement with the Newhall Community Center and also with residents of the Valle del Oro area of Newhall has brought more than just art to the community. Through the generosity and talent of the artists and the leadership of Bob Hernandez, ARTree has provided youth and families with an opportunity to experience the arts, learn the rich history of Santa Clarita, and take pride in their neighborhood through creative beautification projects that help to revitalize the downtown Newhall area. I look forward to working with ARTree on more projects in the future.

Hope A. Horner
Community Services Administrator
City of Santa Clarita

Having worked at CalArts for the past 20 years, I have always felt that the Santa Clarita Valley needs to support an arts and cultural community center for its residents. What artist and resident (and CalArts alumnus) Bob Hernandez has done for the community in organizing ARTree has been outstanding–he has single-handedly with The ARTree galvanized the arts community and worked towards renewing Old Town Newhall.

Glenna Avila
Community Arts Partnership (CAP Program)
California institute of The Arts

Thank you so much for the opportunity for my son, Matthew Denkinger, to be a part of such a wonderful project. My son is 11 years old and has been drawing since he was in preschool – he loves to draw. When I asked him if he wanted to help paint a mural on a building on Railroad Avenue he got very excited. Now each time we drive by the building he loves to point out the ‘waves’ that he painted. We have taken many friends and family to the building so he can show them what he did. He brings up that day so often. He likes to discuss all the other kids that where there with us and things that they talked about. He loves that it will be there even after he grows up and that he can bring his kids to see it. Thanks again Bob for including us in that project. If any other project comes up and you need help, give us a call.

Karen Denkinger
Event Coordinator
Castaic Lake Water Agency