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Summer 2014 Classes

Our first Master’s Class, taught by Michael Powell, consisting of six weeks of watercolor classes, was a big success. The students really enjoyed learning new watercolor techniques each week. Michael will be back this winter for another six weeks of Master’s classes. Watch the Seasons magazine for updates.

Summer classes at the Newhall Community Center featured three-dimensional projects taught by a six different artists. The students fully embraced each activity. Everyone really enjoyed seeing all of the finished projects at the mini art show held on July 29th. Fall classes are listed in the new Seasons magazine. Classes in “The Many Faces of Art” series will begin on Thursday, September 11th and will continue for six weeks.

Fall Into Art

Noel Bermudez

The ARTree Communications Chair

I am not the first to use “fall into art” as both a seasonal name and the act of becoming immersed into the arts. “Falling into art” is sometimes how the creative process works. Most of us have lost ourselves in activities that involve intense concentration and deep thought. Inspiration often comes from that mental well, our subconscious, holding the part of ourselves that make up who we really are. By “falling into our art” – immersing ourselves into it – we not only emancipate the ideas within us but share them with the rest of the world

Children seem to take to this immersion naturally. Most of us have seen the single-minded focus that children have when they are playing (especially video games) and this same energy can be seen when they create art. If given encouragement and freedom, children seem to exhibit this single-minded approach to their creative tasks that we sometimes lose as adults.

Watching children develop projects at our ARTree classes is to see this applied on a personal level. We cultivate art experiences that inspire children by letting them “fall” into the designs, technique and stories that envelope their imaginations and bring forth new and unique creations of their own making. Children have a way of not just imitating what they see and hear, but putting their own unique spin on it.

As many children return to their formal schooling, let’s not forget that we all learn what we are interested in, and, as with most of us, children’s interests come from internal curiosity, which is the genesis of the creative process. The ARTree fall classes are now open for enrollment. Find out when and where in Seasons Magazine (in your mailbox or online at or contact us.