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Guest Speaker Series – Jian Lee and Will Kim


Jian Lee

Artist and Animator
Jian Lee

Will Kim

Artist and Animator
Will Kim

An animated presentation

Jian Lee studied design before going into animation and works as a puppet artist. Will Kim directs an animation showcase and also works in live action films. Both teach drawing and animation in Southern California and have screened at numerous film festivals in the US and internationally.

With eclectic backgrounds, unique personalities, and award-winning work, these talented and internationally recognized artists will present their uncommon approach to experimental animation, life drawing, and artistic collaboration.

Thursday, September 24, 2015 – 6:30 pm, at the Old Town Newhall Library

Thanks to our partners CalArts Community Arts Partnership (CAP) and the City of Santa Clarita’s Thursdays@Newhall.

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Inspire Me!

Noel Bermudez

The ARTree Communications Chair

What does it take to inspire art in children? If you look at what artists say inspires them, you might see certain motivations that we also see in young people. Guy Garvey, founder of the British band Elbow, says that his family is a huge inspiration. When they do something impressive, he wants to come up with something equally as impressive.

At nineteen, Polly Stenham wrote her first play, “The Face.” Polly takes inspiration from doodling, which she does constantly. Doodling is something many children do as a way of both maintaining concentration and getting ideas out of their heads.

Another source of artist’s inspiration is trust. Spanish ballerina Tamera Roja finds that putting trust in her own dancing abilities allows her to give more creative performances. Singer-songwriter Martha Wainwright takes inspiration by defying rules. For Wainwright, rules just make you guilty and fill you with useless stuff that stifles your creativity. But that’s not to say that inspiration doesn’t requie real work. Composer Mark-Anthony Turnage says that inspiration will not come in a flash of lighting, but from the hard work that you do.

Well, do we have an answer? Do we know what it takes to inspire kids? The thread that runs through these descriptions of inspirational creativity is that it is internal. You can get ideas, concepts, and skills from teachers, parents, mentors, friend and dozens of outside resources. But real inspiration can only come from inside you.

At The ARTree, in both our classes and public events, we try to plant the seeds that grow into inspired ideas for both young people and adults. Find out more about what The ARTree does at or by calling us at (661) 673-7500. We get inspired when you get inspired.

Relax and Craft: September

September 23rd at 6:30pm at the Old Town Newhall Library

This free workshop for adults has grown tremendously since its start last Spring! Last month we had 28 crafters; and a lot of fun creating a variety of paper flowers out of old, discarded book pages.

Coming up in September, our project will be repurposing empty mint tins. We’ll make collection boxes, sewing kits and first-aid kits, decorating the tins with fabrics, images and found objects.

Supported by the Friends of the Santa Clarita Public Library, this workshop is free and no prior registration is required.