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Latest News

Adult and Children Classes 2019

Please check all of our current Adult and Children’s classes!

Adult Art Journaling Class

Special Focus for the month of May – Collage

May 1st Printmaking

We will explore printmaking techniques and create paper to be used in collage creations.

May 8th Exploring the Collage works of other artists

We will view artworks and then work toward building our own collage works.

May 15th Collage Faces

Karen Martinez introduced us to this project last fall. It is an amazing process that will be successful for everyone.

May 22nd Completion of Collage Faces

May 29th Wrap Up of Collage

This will be a day to finish up any of the projects that we did this month. For those who have extra time, we will have blank note cards available to be used with our remaining collage materials.

Amp Up Your Art Class

Special Focus for the month of June – Watercolor Painting

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New Classes

ARTree now has a new adult class, ARTree Tribe Adult Journaling, which meets Wednesday mornings!

ARTree also has a new children’s class, Amp Up Your Art, which is an ongoing, weekly class designed for 6 to 12 year-old children to get a chance to really develop their artistic skills through focus on the fundamentals of art as well as exploration of various art media and projects. If you want to give your child the ability to really take their art to the next level, this is the class for you!

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